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On December 19th Stephan and me presented the new extension ajado_facebook at the TYPO3 User Group Austria-Meeting. Instead of sending out slides I thought I'd summarize the presentation here.

Thanks to all the other guys who did interesting presentations that day, especially to opendo.

What is a Facebook Connect extension for TYPO3?

For a lot of websites you need to register users that have access to internal ressources of your website. In TYPO3 there's the Front End User Registration sr_feuser_register that takes care of registration via e-mail.

Sometimes a registration via Facebook Connect is required, so that you can log into the website with your Facebook account. The advantages:

  • Real identities of the users - Facebook profiles can generally be trusted
  • Simpler authentication - the user doesn't need to remember an additional password
  • Use of other user specific resources like profile picture to encance the user experience on your website

There are much more reasons but those are the ones that are most important for us.

Why a new Facebook Connect extension

For a long time there has been the extension facebook2t3 in the TER that we liked to use for our applications. The last version is from 2010 though and the Facebook API changed a lot in 2011. Here are the reasons why we wrote a new extension:

  • We needed support of OAuth2.0

    • The extension uses the updated PHP-SDK after May 20th
    • OAuth2.0 is required since October 1st 2011 for all apps

  • Seamless integration into sr_feuser_register: We needed the possibility to authenticate both via Facebook Connect or Front End User Registration and had troubles doing that with facebook2t3
  • We needed more features for our applications than provided in facebook 2t3, for example a redirect after you log into the website.
  • We wanted it to be simpler configurable.


Up until now we used the extension in the following projects:

In those applications thousands of users registered or will register with this extension.


There are a couple of things that will be done in the next week: The loginButton and logoutButton-configuration is done in pure HTML - this should be replaced by an IMAGE object. Also the documentation needs to be finished.

Also we have to think if an extBase-version makes sense.

Where to get it?

You can find and download the extension from the TER.

If you have any ideas for this application or want to talk about the architecture please contact Matteo or drop a comment at the bottom of this page.

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