What is Gorillary gallery?

Gorillary Gallery is a TYPO3 extension for administrating and displaying images combined with meta information. For each image a meta record is created, where you can add a title, a description, and a link. You can add whatever meta information you want by extending that meta information table through TCA.
The frontend output is fully customizable through Typoscript. You can combine this gallery with any javascript image library you want (lightbox, thickbox, fancybox,...) whether it's prototype or jquery- it doesn't matter.

Some of our favourite gallery frameworks are already packed inside the extension (Galleriffic, Cycle, Colorbox), all you have to do is including the static templates we have prepared for you.

Why another gallery extension for TYPO3?

We wrote that extension, because we believe, that there is no need for 1000 gallery extensions in the TER. What we need is a solid and usable backend interface for admistrators and a highly configurable, generic rendering engine for the frontend. This way you can use one and the same backend, for different styles of galleries.

What you get:

A generic solution for displaying all kinds of galleries, with endless configuration options. The data structure is as following:

gallery [1:n] media collection [1:n] image

What you need:

If you want to configure the rendering in the frontend you will have to know typoscript on a pro level.

Want to contribute?

In case you have wrote some static templates on your own, for some JS framework we all might like- we would be happy to get some contributions!
Just get in touch with us!


you can download the current release here:


if you rather like a dev snapshot, you can find bugtracker and the svn-repository here:




screenshot of the gorillary gallery backend form
screenshot of the gorillary gallery backend form
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